Attack on Titan’s plot spanned borders and brought viewers across the Atlantic, which led to a number of unknown characters being introduced. Yelena was one of the most influential. Yelena, a woman, is one of the most influential.

Yelena claims that she wants to see Paradis stand alone and be free. But, wait!! You may be wondering who Yelena is. Fans struggled to understand this new character after she was introduced out of nowhere. This is especially true when you consider how much time passes.

What’s Yelena doing in Paradis Who is she? What are her motives and goals? Let’s look at them in detail.

Warning: This article could contain spoilers for Attack On Titan manga. You can proceed at your own risk!

Who is Yelena

Yelena is a committed follower of Zeke Yeager. She is the leader among the Anti-Marleyan volunteers he created. She was instrumental in getting Zeke’s plan to Paradis across and securing terms for him arriving on the island.

Yelena was first seen in the series during Raid on Liberio. Here she lures Porco and Pieck into trapping her and taking them out of battle. It was not a success. Many people might have mistook her for Armin.

This misunderstanding is quickly repelled when her identity is made public in the airship. Jean scolds her for not containing the Cart and Jaw Titan, and she stands next to Zeke who just betrayed Marley.

Later, it was revealed that Yelena had been with the Scouts and Paradis for almost three years.

Why is Yelena helping Paradis with her knowledge?

Under Zeke Yeager’s orders, Yelena assists Paradis. Three years ago, she arrived on the island as part of the Marley scout fleet. She betrayed the Marleyans and made contact with Hange, the scouts.

Yelena was not afraid to get dirty to help her achieve her goals. It was partly because of her admiration for Zeke’s goals.

Her secret meeting with Eren was what set the stage for the Raid to Liberio. She was taken into custody by the Military police after the Raid.

The question is, however, whether she really is helping Paradis. Is she really trying to save the Eldians? The answer is no.

She is just trying to help Zeke reach his goals by tricking Military Police. Even the Anti- Marleyan volunteers were able to uncover her motives, which proved that she was loyal to Zeke and Zeke only.

Zeke and Yelena

Yelena met Zeke for the first time during the Marley Mid-East War. Zeke saved Yelena’s lives during the war (chapter106). Zeke’s concern for her made her see him as a God.

Zeke is her cause, and she trusts her. Yelena is not afraid to go the extra mile for her cause. Hange hears Onyankopon describe how she killed her teammates because she was unsure if they were against Zeke.

Yelena’s actions could be described as a sociopath. She finds joy in the suffering of others. It could also be seen in extreme cases as a result of her admiration for Zeke and her enthusiasm to achieve her goals.

Before you meet Zeke:

Yelena claimed to the Military Police and other Anti-Marleyan volunteers that her ancestors were from Marley’s invaded country. All of this was fake. This sentiment was used to gain trust from the other volunteers.

Yelena was actually a Marleyan. However, she was against the country’s expansionist policies. Marley was enlisted in her army, and she tried to rebel with a group of soldiers. Zeke was the one who brought her to help her fight against Marley.

Does Yelena like Zeke?

Yelena is revealed to be very close with Zeke. She is the only one who knows the full extent of Zeke’s plan to save the world. You could even say that their relationship is platonic.

It would be true to say that Yelena reverses Zeke. He may not be someone she likes romantically. Zeke is someone she sees as someone who can save the world. This is why she follows Zeke around and trusts in his Euthanization plan.

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