The 57th Expedition Arc was an engaging introduction to the story. Highlight of the arc was the Female titan- Annie Leonhart . Everyone was shocked by the events that followed Levi’s rescue. The female titan, whose jaw was cut open, cried against the tree.

Hence, Annie or the female titan cried.

It is simple. The 57th Expedition was her chance to get Eren, a Titan-shifter, and finish the horrible mission on Paradis Island. Annie realized that the best way to get back to her father in Liberio, was to go. She cried in her titan form.

Bertholt and Reiner, Marcel, were given the task of retrieving Paradis’ Founding Titan. They had lost the Jaw Titan, however, to Ymir, before they entered the human settlement. Marley would face severe consequences if they returned empty handed. This would prevent Annie from a peaceful reunion of her father.

Annie’s desperate desire to be home to her father again without any consequences and the realization that it would take her longer to do so after losing Eren, caused her to weep.

She would not want to meet her father, who had selfish motives while training her to become a warrior.

His sole purpose was to make Annie a soldier so that he could live a rich life. Annie became apathetic and reclusive because of his harsh training. Annie didn’t find meaning in any of the things she did. Annie’s fury at her father for his incessant training can be seen when she makes him crippled for the rest of her life.

But, before Annie left for Paradis, Mr. Leonhart had an epiphany and apologized to Annie. He explained to Annie that he loved Annie and asked her to return home safe. He promised that he would always be there for Annie.

Annie is taken aback by Mr. Leonhart’s last words

The last words of her father are a constant source for inspiration and motivation for Annie. She had a dream to reunite with her father and live a better life. She didn’t give up, and she continued her mission.

Let’s look at two examples that support this view.

Annie vs Eren: Stohess District

Her father’s constant support is what helps her to thrash Eren into the building at the end of their fight in Stohess District.

Annie’s ability to hit Eren with pure rage and not technique is a result of her father’s memories.

Annie is shocked by the unavoidable truth that Annie will not be returning home soon. We see Annie crying as Eren tears apart her titan. Not only were her tears a surprise to the viewers but also Eren.

Who wouldn’t weep when they fail at something they were supposed to be doing and all they can recall is their parents expectations? (I’m sorry if I forgot to remind you about the time you failed your exam.

Marco Bodt’s death (or dare i say murder?)

Bertholdt recalls a memory from the Return to Shiganshina Arc that is about Marco Bodt’s passing. Reiner managed to get Annie to listen by mentioning her father.

The fandom was angered by this death, and the truth only made matters worse.

Surprisingly Annie also weeps when Marco dies. It’s evident that Annie is more attached to Reiner and Bertholdt during her mission to Paradis Island. Annie was shocked when Marco stated that they had not even had a chance to discuss this.

What were your thoughts on the female titan’s fate? Are you convinced that she was a mindless beast? We’d love to hear your opinions in the comments!

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