We speculate that Eren had seen atrocious visions, which led him to become scared, causing him to cry. We are now curious if this is the case.

That is certainly one reason, but there may be more. Let’s take a closer look at the real reasons for his crying.

This article contains spoilers about the Attack of Titan manga. Please proceed at your own risk!

We have already discussed Eren’s crying over the visions he has been describing. It is understandable that Eren, a young boy, would be affected by violent dreams. These could be the culmination all his fears.

We’d like to suggest that Eren was not only a child who cried because of his dreams, but also because he knew that these things would happen. His mother’s death would have led to his mother being eaten shortly after. This was the future Eren saw.

We are excited about the future of crying Eren

Let’s begin with this: there is no evidence that Eren was crying as he knew it would be the future. Let’s take a look at the events that followed his dream. The titans broke the wall, destroyed Shinganshina and ate Eren’s mom.

Assuming Eren didn’t know the implications of the dream, now knowsHe dreamed what was actually happening. This could indicate that Eren suffered more trauma than normal because of this.

This could be a fascinating parallel to his reaction to Ramzi’s vision, knowing the future but unable to bear what was coming.

It is possible that Eren was aware of his nightmare and was therefore uncomfortable. He wondered, “What if titans got through the wall today?”

This is only one side of the theory. Let’s take a look at the other side.

Ymir sent Eren dreams as memories

We have information that suggests that Ymir may have used the paths to communicate with Eren in dreams. This would allow him to know what was coming.

Eren would not have understood the dreams at that time. But as he grows up, and discovers more about the world around him, he realizes that the dreams he had in his youth are now the experiences he has.

It’s not difficult to believe that Eren knew he was going be a major part in the destruction he had envisioned. If you look at the dream sequence, each frame looks as if Eren captured the image. It’s all his experiences.

Eren wakes up crying when the memory of Grisha and The Owl is revealed to him. Eren wakes up again crying, but this time he is able to recall what had happened. He had a dream and knew what it was.

It is also important to mention that Eren wakes up crying both times, and he says ” I feel as if I just woke from a long dream.” Eren, you’re correct. It must feel like living out the past was the longest dream.

What is the point?

It is simple to tie it all together, but it will cause serious ripples in the base. These were the things Eren saw, and Ymir showed them what was coming.

Eren couldn’t change the visions. He often ends up back at the exact same place he was trying to avoid by trying to change it.


The Attack on Titan universe is set within a loop. History repeats itself in this universe and people can’t change their future even if they try. The future of Eren has already been written and is set to end, just as the cycle of hate is never ending. We are just beginning to understand how it will end. Or maybe you’ll start over…

This theory: What do you think? Is it possible that Eren has memories from Ymir, or do you believe otherwise? Are you sure he cannot change his life? Comment below!

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