WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Attack on Titan Manga chapter 121. You can proceed at your own risk!

Grisha was seen arguing in the family church with the Reiss family during Season 3 of Attack on Titan. He turned into a Titan, killed Rod Reiss and ate Frieda Reiss who was the holder the Founding Titan. Eren was shocked to see his father’s hideous act. Everyone was astonished by the act and had a big question to ask. Grisha killed the Reiss family.

It was all part of a plan to save the Eldians, as we later discovered in the series.

Grisha was given a mission by Eren Kruger

Zeke and Dina betrayed Grisha, Grisha, and Dina were sent to Paradis where they would be transformed into Mindless Titans. Grisha’s entire life was rewritten at this point. Grisha meets Eren Kruger, an Owl who gives him a mission.

Kruger tells Kruger to take the Founding Titan from King’s royal family. He made a vow to end war. He vows not to use the power of Titans to harm or attack any nation or person. He used the Colossals to build the three walls, erase the memories of the Eldians and tell them that all humanity has perished outside these walls.

The Eldians would be in trouble if the Marleyans took control of the Founding Titans. Grisha must steal the Founding Titans from the Marleyans before they do. Grisha must inherit Kruger’s Attack Titan and complete this mission. Kruger would like that.

Grisha made this his mission in life and began to travel to Paradise and integrate with the people. Kruger told him that he could get married and have a child. He became a doctor and gained trust from the people.

Grisha took advantage of all these opportunities to learn more about the royal family as well as the location of Founding Titan. He finally found the location, and he was able meet the royal family members at the basement cavern in their family church in just one night.

Grisha tried convincing the Reiss family, but was unsuccessful

Grisha attempted to persuade Frieda to abandon her vow to renounce all war when he realized that Wall Maria was breached. This was a side effect of inheriting The Founding Titan. He asked Frieda to use the power of the Founding Titan for protection of those inside the walls that were in danger.

The King’s vow proved too powerful to resist. Frieda said the exact same thing Uri Reiss had told Kenny.

Eldians have committed sins in the past, and it is time for them to be punished. The world would be in chaos if the Founding Titan’s power were taken by anyone other than the royal family. To save the world, all Eldians must die.

Grisha realizes that Frieda Reiss cannot be reasoned. He decides to go for the last resort. Frieda Reiss is killed when he transforms into an Attack Titan. He takes her spine and eats it. The Founding Titan, which he would later pass to Eren, is then taken from Frieda Reiss.

Grisha became a wicked man and killed children in order to accomplish his goal of becoming an Eldian restorationist. Right? Right? But that’s just one part of the story.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for the Attack on Titan manga, which has not yet been translated into anime. You can proceed at your own risk!

What actually happened in the church

Grisha is ready to transform into his Titan form when he sees Frieda’s stubborn stance that Eldians must perish. However, he hesitates. He hesitates and then the “doctor” mindset kicks in. He falls to his knees, unwillingly killing Frieda’s siblings. We all know that Grisha did indeed kill Frieda and her siblings. Who made him continue with his plan?

Eren’s involvement

In fact, Grisha was pushed by Eren Yeager to kill the Reiss family members and steal the Founding Titan. Chapter 121 of Attack on Titan reveals this. Eren reminds his father of what he must do when Grisha hesitated about killing Frieda and other survivors. Eren asks Grisha to fulfill his Eldian restorationist duties and complete the story he started. How did this happen? How did Eren manage to communicate with Grisha?

Before we get into details, it’s important to mention that the Attack Titan is capable of seeing future memories. This is similar to inheritors seeing past memories. They can see what is happening in the future, either from their POV or that of a future inheritor. How does this help us to understand Eren’s involvement in the future?

Chapter 121 shows Eren and Zeke in the paths. They decide to use the power of Grisha’s memories and the Founding Titan (Eren’s Founding Titan + Zeke’s Royal blood). Grisha is given a future memory when Eren and Zeke view Grisha’s memory at the chapel. This means that Grisha sees Eren’s memory as he was watching Grisha’s memories.

Grisha is currently viewing himself through a third person POV (i.e. Eren’s POV). This illustration is by Reddit user U/SKYCLAD__OBSERVER. It will help you better understand the situation!

This is how Eren’s words were able reach his father. Grisha can hear Eren speak and in that instant, he is receiving the words through future memories. Grisha believes it was the best outcome and he acts as his son tells him. Grisha is convinced by Eren Yeager to act.

Eren Yeager reminded him of his sister’s death, the mindless Titans and the restorationists. Grisha, clutching his teeth and attempting to pierce his fingers with a knife, turned towards the Attack Titan. Frieda transformed into her Titan, but was no match for his. He tore her head off and devoured her family, save Rod Reiss.

In a separate article, we explain why this scenario does not involve Time Travel. You can read it here! Time flows in one direction in Attack on Titan’s universe. The events are now fixed, and Grisha was able to follow them according to the future memories that he saw.

Let’s take a look at these ideas. What if you could see future memories and change the present instead of time moving in one direction? Grisha could give Armin, Keith, the Attack Titan, and the Founder the luxury of Grisha’s gift. What would happen if the events were drastically altered? We’d love to hear your opinions in the comments section below.

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