Shigaraki Tomura’s portrayal of him in My Hero Academia was that of a villain, who was merely an errand boy to All For One. As the story progressed, both in anime and manga, it became clear that Tomura was gradually becoming the main antagonist. The hands Shigaraki uses to cover his entire body are a standout feature. The hands he uses are not just fashion statements from a villain, but have a legitimate story behind them.

The manga allows us to delve deeper into the mind of Shigaraki. We learn that Tomura was previously known as Tenko, and is the grandchild of Pro Hero Nana Shimura. Tenko’s father wasn’t a fan of heroes due to the cold treatment he received by his mother. As a result, Shigaraki had to deal with a lot of problems as a child due to the abuse he received from his fathre. His quirk wakes up one day and, unable to control it properly he ends his family’s lives. This is what Shigaraki did to his family.

Why does Shigaraki Tomura wear hands?

All For One adopted Tomura after he had killed his family. Through him, Shigaraki was introduced the Doctor Guraki. The doctor realized that Tomura was influenced by his emotions. Tomura was at the brink of despair after his actions led to a mental breakdown. All For One and the Doctor stoked the flames of hatred in Tomura and directed it at the heroes and hero society.

The doctor gave him the hands to keep his despair at bay. Shigaraki has 14 hands across his body. These hands belonged both to his family as well as the two other victims of Shigaraki’s murder. Shigaraki also wears the hand his father wore on his forehead. It keeps reminding him of his father’s horrors and their mutual hatred for heroes. Shigaraki keeps the hands in his hand because it reminds of the past pain he has suffered. The hands help to remind him of his bloodlust and keep his unstable emotions under control.

“I want you to always keep them close to your heart…So those feelings never go away. His family will keep him under control… Keep him from letting his emotions float to the surface. He’s subconsciously keeping his quirk in check.

All for One

His mother gave him the hands that wrap around his neck. His maternal grandfather was responsible for the hands on his upper arms. His maternal grandmother was responsible for the hands on his elbows. His older sister was responsible for the hands that he had on his wrists. The hands that he has on his shoulders, and sides are from two random men who made Tomura mad.

After using his Quirk to kill his father’s other hand and destroying it, All For One gave him the hand that he wears on his back. Later revealed to be Nana’s.

These hands served as a reminder for Tomura that Heroes failed him, and Heroes were the ones who caused him to suffer such a terrible fate. One of his hands is destroyed in his fight against Re Destro. He later destroys his father’s hand, covering his face to symbolize his ability to move on from his past.

This is the story behind Tomura Shigaraki’s bizarre fashion and design sense. It’s a tragic story all through. You sympathize with him, but hate his guts. He becomes more confident and capable as the story goes on, unlike the beginning. He is one of the most well-written villains of recent times.

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