Ever wonder if titans look like the human they used to be? Annie, the current inheritor of the Female Titan, has the same icy blue eyes as the Female Titan and the blonde hair. The Jaw Titan shares the appearance of its current inheritor, who was introduced in the most recent episode. This new appearance of the Jaw Titan has been the subject of many discussions about titan appearance.

Fans wondered if the Jaw Titan was a new type of titan when it first appeared. It is not a new type of titan. It’s the old Jaw Titan, inherited by another.

Before we get into the details of the appearances of the titans let’s take a look at the current Jaw Titan.

Who is the new Jaw Titan?

Porco Galliard inherited the Jaw Titan, which we first see in the episodes of Attack on Titan Season 4. Porco is Marcel Galliard’s younger brother.

Jaw Titan is one the nine intelligent titans who split from Founding Titan. It belonged first to Marcel Galliard. He was then eaten by Ymir, a mindless titan. Later, she enters the walls and joins 104th Cadet Corps. Ymir wore the Jaw Titan during the first three seasons.

Marcel was actually eaten by Ymir while trying to protect Reiner. This made Porco’s hatred for Reiner worse.

Porco believed that he was a better candidate for the Armoured Titan. When he learned Marcel had been eaten at Reiner’s house, his dislike for Reiner only grew. Porco is a young, bratty man. Despite this, Porco is an experienced fighter who will always defend others in need.

What happened to Ymir What was her last meal?

Many seem to have forgotten about Ymir’s fate. After she had agreed to go with Bertholdt and Reiner, she made a decision to surrender the titan. It was a noble act on her part to give back what she had stolen.

How can she give it back willingly? It was by letting go of her power and allowing herself to be eaten. This is according to Reiner & Bertholdt . This happened before Season 3. Ymir’s actions and ideology have a profound impact on us and Historia. We had to say goodbye to her.

Porco now has the ability to see fleeting memories about Ymir, true to the idea of inheritance. Reiner is the exact opposite of Porco’s vision and he accuses Porco of trying to be second-hand Marcel.

Why was Ymir’s Jaw Titan so different?

Fans are most interested in the Jaw Titan’s differences between Ymir’s and Porco versions. When we realize that Porco’s Jaw Titan was almost identical to Marcel’s, this question becomes even more pertinent. So why was Ymir’s Titan different from the other? Her titan form was missing the white mask-like structure that is common in Jaw Titans.

Ymir is unique because Ymir spent a lot time in her mindless Titan . Instead of developing its own unique features, her intelligent titan looked the same. Let’s take a closer look at the details.

Appearance Traits

We all know that titans inherit certain characteristics from their person. Eren’s Attack Titan is different from those of Grisha Jeager or Eren Kriger.

Kruger’s Attack Titan, for example, has the same hair color as Grisha’s titan, Grisha has a beard similar to his own and Eren’s titan’s protruding teeth are due to how his mindless titan appeared.

Since its the Attack Titan we have seen with three people, we can assume physical and titan appearance play a part. Side note- Grisha’s eyes look so because this picture is after he inherited the Founding Titan.

We can also argue that the Jaw Titan is different from Porco and Ymir. Ymir’s Titan has blonde hair, but Porco’s has brown hair. It is likely that Ymir’s Titan doesn’t have a bald because she is a female.

You will always be a mindless titan.

Left: Ymir’s Jaw Titan, Right: Ymir’s mindless titan

Ymir’s Jaw Titan is the same size as her mindless titan form. It is important to consider how much time you spend as a mindless Titan. The appearance of intelligent titans can sometimes reflect the features of mindless titans. Let’s take Eren as an example.

The only thing that they have in common is their teeth. Even if Eren was to remain a mindless titan for a year, his Attack Titan would still look very similar to his mindless titan.

Another thing to consider is that Porco was probably a mindless titan for a few minutes until he devoured Ymir. Ymir on the other hand, remained a titan over 60 years. This implies that her mindless titan appearance was ingrained in her. There isn’t much difference between Ymir’s Jaw titan and mindless appearances.

The appearance of the titan’s mind and how long you are there will determine its appearance. This argument applies, if not for other reasons, to the color and placement of facial hair in titans. Some theories suggest that Galliard’s titan may have a hardened face due to Marley’s experiments on Titans. Although this is not confirmed, it seems that the titans’ time as mindless beings are the most likely reason.

What do you think about Ymir’s Jaw Titan looking different? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

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