The most recent chapter of My Hero Academia shows that our heroes face a huge threat. None of them were prepared. Shigaraki Tomura is finally awakened, and he has brought with him a tsunami of destruction, decay, and catastrophe. His increased powers are so great that his quirk “Decay”, which is his ability to control his quirk, is completely limitless. He also has All For One. His decay wave was so powerful and vast that everyone who was caught in it literally became dust. Combining the power of All For One,. Shigaraki is at an entirely new level.

After this destruction, heroes like X Less or Shield Hero Crust have lost their lives. Endeavor swoops into action to take on the transcendent Shigaraki. It was an inspiring scene as the number 1 hero decided, without fear for his own life, to fight a villain who must be stopped.

My Hero Academia: Will Endeavor die?

Endeavor’s character has seen a significant change since he was named the number one hero. After All Might retired, darkness started to creep in and Endeavor shined brightly. Although he wasn’t as powerful as All Might, Endeavor put his best effort into the job, trying to correct any past mistakes, especially towards his family.

Fans of shonen tropes pointed out that Endeavor’s character change, coupled with the fact that Endeavor is coming in to battle a villain with low chances of success raises grave concerns.

Shigaraki is a powerful being that can steal quirks and cause havoc. Fighting him is going to be difficult for heroes. One For All is the only quirk which cannot be stolen, and must be handed down. Shigaraki is also the mastermind of Gigantomachia, a monstrous powerhouse.

However, Endeavor has joined the fight against Shigaraki. It will be an epic showdown between them.

Let’s suppose that Endeavor dies in the fight. How will this affect My Hero Academia.

What does Endeavor’s passing affect the plot?

Endeavor will fight bravely against Shigaraki but not before inflicting serious injuries on his opponent. Shigaraki’s 75% completion rate is shocking. The incomplete procedure could hinder him in some way and help Endeavor land an important blow on him (but he will also have to give his life). Gigantomachia, Endeavor, and other villains are on a rampage. It is possible that the villains will prevail against the heroes and take control of all or part of Japan’s human society.

Deku will not face Shigaraki in this scenario. This is a boss fight that will be saved for the very end. With Shigaraki’s injuries, it won’t be an all-out wipeout of the heroes. Some of the survivors, including students from U.A or other schools, might decide to go underground and form a resistance. Given that the manga’s current story is called “Rise of the Villains”, this seems plausible.

The death of the number-one hero will force the younger heroes, including Bakugou, Todoroki and Deku to take up higher positions within the now defunct hero society.

This arc would expose the corruption deep-rooted in the heroes’ governing bodies and address the issue of the U.A. academy spy. The new heroes will create a better world (very shonen-like) as they grow in power and train, eventually defeating Shigaraki. Deku has also learned to control One For all completely.

We are talking about Endeavor’s untimely death. Kohei Horikoshi will not let Endeavor go, considering his fanbase and the fact that he is getting a lot of attention lately.

The following could happen in that situation:

Endeavor has his quirk stolen

This scenario also means that Endeavor will be defeated. He cannot defeat Shigaraki alone, as he no longer requires to be in touch with Gigantomachia to activate his decay quirk and to defeat him. Even if heroes tried to help him in battle, they would not be able to because they will be busy with Toga and Dabi. Toga, whose quirk developed mid-battle and she can now copy any quirk of anyone she drinks. She’s mad at the heroes and pissed off Twice. We believe that Shigaraki may let Endeavour live, having stolen his quirk in order to break the spirit and cause fear among other heroes. Shigaraki will not let Hellflame slip by because it is a powerful quirk.

Endeavour could use this opportunity to reflect on his past mistakes and reconcile with his family. He might also gain more insight about himself.

We speculate that this could be one of the possible endings to Endeavour. Deku’s final fight will determine whether he receives his powers back. Eri learning how to control her powers will decide if he does. The former will bring about world peace faster, while the latter could bring additional twists to this incredible story. What do you think about Endeavour’s future? How will he redeem himself as the number-one Hero? Comment below.

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